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Bridge to Sustainability

Back in the “good old days” of natural resource exploitation, it was enough to secure investment capital, make the necessary payments to various government officials and commence operations. For good or ill, those days are quickly coming to an end. Companies currently involved in plantation, forestry, mining and fishery industries cannot avoid the new paradigm of international market sustainability standards and corporate responsibility. In recognition of global and local demands, many resource-rich developing nations, including Indonesia, are rapidly maturing towards legal system reforms requiring companies to implement sustainable standards in natural resource exploitation.
However, the road to sustainability contains many obstacles, both apparent and unseen, that can cause costly complications in the effort to bring business operations into compliance within the current standards. Additionally, there are currently gaps between international sustainability standards and the rapidly evolving natural resources and social reforms in Indonesian legislation. Given such complications, it is vital that corporations investing in business operations in Indonesia retain a legal services team to form a bridge between compliance with sustainability standards, corporate-social responsibility and the need for long-term profitability. The unique knowledge base and on the ground experience found at AsM Law Offices is perfectly suited to help existing and new business operations gain a solid footing and ensure long-term success in Indonesia.
In order to efficiently facilitate the needs of our clients, AsM Law Offices is now offering our “Bridge to Sustainability” services package. This is a step-by-step combination of services, specifically designed for AsM clients, to efficiently ensure operational compliance with sustainability standards and local regulations, while maintaining a highly positive corporate image and limiting exposure to unforeseen liabilities. The specific components that form the “planks” of our “Bridge to Sustainability” services package are as follows:

  • Researching Company Compliance Status for Current Sustainability Standards
    This service will determine Company Compliance Status according to current sustainability standards relevant to specific business operations. We provide an accurate overview of the situation as the basis for a plan of action to improve our client’s sustainability status. This involves a series of research activities and expert analysis of the current sustainability standards compliance status relevant to specific business operations. The results of this research and analysis are available for our client’s internal reporting needs and forms the first “plank” of our “Bridge to Sustainability” services package. more...
  • Assessment of Indigenous Land Tenure Claims and Ethnography Research
    The second plank of our services package will provide knowledge and assistance to in order to verify the accuracy of land tenure claims in the area of client company operations. This service consists of a series of training activities to enhance the capacity of company staff and / or consultants to recognize and validate the tenure claims of local communities and indigenous peoples in the area of company operations. more...
  • Implementation of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) Principles
    This service consists of a series of training activities to broaden understanding of FPIC principles and assist implementation of FPIC fulfillment in a well-defined structured and documented manner to produce a quality FPIC process. more...
  • Implementation of High Conservation Value (HCV) Protection Principles
    This service is expected to prepare our clients to identify and manage HCVs as an important activity in the context of deforestation issues. This service consists of a series of training activities to enhance the capacity of company staff in identifying and managing HCVs in accordance with international standards and Indonesian law, as well as the identification and management of HCVs independently. more...
  • Applied Conflict Resolution
    This service is designed to provide our clients with knowledge, skills and strategies to mitigate the potential for conflicts in business operational areas and resolve conflicts where currently experienced. This service consists of a series of training, facilitation and / or consultation activities to enhance our clients operational human resource capacity for conflict mitigation/resolution through alternative approaches to disputes. more...
  • Product Certification Assistance
    This service aims to provide practical knowledge keyed to meet relevant product certification standards. This service consists of a series of company capacity building training activities to raise awareness and understanding related to the standards required in RSPO and IFC certification and preparatory activities in advance of RSPO and IFC certification audits. more...
  • Assistance for Business & Human Rights Standards Compliance Fulfillment
    This service will develop client knowledge and provide assistance for implementation of Business and Human Rights principles. This service consists of a series of activities designed to increase the capacity of human resources in the understanding of human rights, skills in analyzing and resolving human rights disputes and application of human rights principles for the company, as well as conduct a review and assessment of client internal corporate policies in order to better apply Business and Human Rights principles. more...
  • Smart Branding
    The final plank in our “Bridge to Sustainability” service package aims to enhance client corporate image with stakeholders and the public. The power of the media in the global age cannot be dismissed, either in raising or decreasing a company’s stock value; one negative “tweet” can snowball into a major public relations fiasco. With this in mind, we provide clients with a series of corporate capacity building training activities guided towards intelligently communicating a positive corporate image using a variety of methods, including positive testimonials by outside parties, sustainability reports mentoring and services, media expeditions and articles in popular publications, both in print and online media outlets. more...

Grant Management Strategy

Over the last decade, a significant of grant-based international financial support has been provided to Indonesian people, either through governmental organizations or non-governmental organizations. However, non-participatory grant planning and management has resulted in several of these funded projects failing to reach their intended objectives. To overcome this, we provide participatory assessment, research and strategic planning services, for donor project grants, which take account of needs, policy trends and literature pertinent to effective implementation.


Conventional Legal Services

Kami memberikan jasa layanan hukum konvensional terkait dengan :

  • Litigation services, including but not limited to civil law, criminal law, Constitutional Court, administrative justice, industry justice, the Court of Arbitration, the Tax Court, the Religious Courts, the Commercial Courts, the Special Courts, Court Competition, Military Court and Business Competition Courts and all other courts of justice based on laws both domestic and international. We also receive requests for court ordersand so forth.
  • Legal consultancy services related to: general, special and particular criminal law, constitutional law, administrate law or state administration, tax law, labor law/industrial relations law, business or economic law in the broader sense, investment law (foreign investment and domestic), capital market law, banking law, company law or corporate law, land/agricultural law, property law, environmental law, financial law, legal coverage, insurance law, maritime law, intellectual property law (intellectual property right covering brand, patents, copyrights and industrial circuits), military law, and so forth.
  • Legal Studies/Research and Mappingincluding but not limited to: direct and indirect investment strategies, corporate legal issues, good governance in agencies, companies and government bodies, detailed reviews of legal agreements; due diligence and legal audits; design industrial relations and collective bargaining for corporations and legal bodies, investigation of civil, criminal and other cases.

Social, Legal and Climate Change expertise

Indonesia has made commitments towards climate change mitigation and adaptation, which are being implemented through a range of government, private sector and donor-based projects and activities.
These programs and projects require an understanding of both legal and social issues. We provide services to this end in the form of legal and social reviews, visibility programs, and socio-legal activities, and publish literature related to this, as well as related to legal and policy reform.