About Us

AsM Law Office is a law office with a vision to promote policies and laws that bring sustainability, prosperity, and justice. To achieve the vision, we develop a multidisciplinary approach in the legal service we provide to attain the objectives of legal certainty, legal justice, and legal benefit for the entire people of Indonesia and related stakeholders. Communities, Government, and Private Sector are in our view very important actors to achieve the goals of Independence: The People of Indonesia that are Just and Prosperous specifically and economic, legal, social, and environmental justice in the world in general.

Our Programs

Corporat and Human Rights

The Corporate and Human Rights Program is implemented through innovative forms of advocacy in order to encourage companies to implement Human Rights Policies or Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) in their operations, and to encourage the government to make respect for human rights mandatory under Indonesian policies.

Conflict Resolution

Land-based industries and zones such as oil palm plantations, industrial forest zones (HTI), industrial logging zones, ecosystem restoration areas and mining zones in Indonesia are often the sites of legal, social and environmental problems. To overcome these problems, formal legalistic and positive law approaches alone are not sufficient – instead, a wider range of methods are needed.
Over the last decade, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) approaches have been increasingly used in the land-based industrial sector. Negotiation and mediation are increasingly used as mediums to handle conflicts in the field.
We provide conflict resolution services through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods, such as conflict assessment, conflict resolution trainings, negotiation and conflict mediation, participatory mapping as well as facilitation towards transforming conflict into equitable partnerships.

Policy Reform

The Policy Reform Program is intended to support the development of policies that enable the sustainable management of natural resources, the welfare of communities and ecological, agrarian and natural resource justice and equity.